Models For Use With Your Own Tank or Sump

Lite Duty & General Purpose Models

These models are to be used with your own Tank or Sump. Our Lite Duty models are best used in
production operations that require minimal set up changes. This is our least expensive model, but does not provide the flexibility to be moved quickly from machine to machine unit. Lite Duty models generate a very fine spray mist. For units generating a heavier spray and mist, Please see our General Purpose models.


Lite duty models include the following features:

  • Simplest of the Systems: The controls of these units are mounted permanently to the machine, close to the operator and the cut.
  • No Coolant Tank Furnished: Coolant mix may be placed in the machine sump, or in any clean container that will not contaminate the coolant. If the sump is used the conventional flood coolant pump must be made inoperative.
  • Coaxial Coolant Line: Coolant and compressed air are not mixed until they reach the nozzle. To overcome the need for dual lines, Kool Mist has developed a coaxial line, or a hose within a hose. Coolant line exteriors may be nylon braided for normal duty, or metal braided from protection from hot chips and abrasion.
  • Easy to Use Control: Output from each nozzle is regulated by a single knob on the control. Mist Spray may be turned on or off instantly to coordinate with the cutting cycle, and the spray mix made lean or rich as needed. Nozzle position can be a permanent mount or the flexible magnetic base. Straight nozzle is standard. 45 and 90 deg. nozzles are available.



Number Description Size or type
8B1 Blue Anodized Valve block 1/2 x 1 x 1 1/2
8VS Valve Stem 10/32 thread size
8BF Block fitting 1/8 x 27
8P-4 Brass nozzle 10 - 40 Threads
8SN Screw Nozzle .068 x .062
SCL-2 2ft Nylon coolant line 5/16 x 1/8 I.D.
SCL-4 4ft Nylon coolant line 21/64 x 1/8 I.D.
PML-12 12" loc-line spray line assembly  
PML-18 18" loc-line spray line assembly  
8CS Coolant Seal Black rubber seal cone shape
8B1-MB Mounting bracket for 8B1 block C1010 strips .062 x 1/2 coil
8SL-4 4ft siphon PVC line 3/16 x 5/16 PVC
81K-SB siphon bushing 3/16 square commercial brass rod.
8VO Valve Stem "O" ring only 70 Nitrile
8SO Screw nozzle "O" ring only 70 Nitrile
8BC Ball Check Plastic w/3/16 s.s. ball in it. (Screen)
innerlining 1/16 polyethylene innerlining .059 x .089 innerlining 1/16
PV-211 innerlining PVC 1/16 I.D.
Stock No Picture Description Length Price
SCL-2 2 ft coolant line Assembly   $33.00
SCL- 4 4 ft coolant line   $36.00
SCL   Longer lines 5-12 ft $74.00
SCL   Longer lines 13-20ft $90.00
8CS Coolant Line Rubber Seal   $1.00
8SN Screw nozzle including "O" ring   $13.00
8SO Screw nozzle "O" ring only   $1.00
8VS Valve Stem including "O" ring   $14.00
8VO Valve Stem "O" ring only   $1.00
8LS-4 4 ft Syphoning Line Assembly   $19.00
8SL-6 6 inch Syphoning Line Assembly   $15.00
8BC Syphoning line ball check only   $13.00
8B   Valve block- orange 1/2 x 1 x 1 1/2   $51.00
8B1 Vlave block-blue 1/2 x 1 x 1 1/2   $45.00

Did You Know That?

Kool Mist is ideal for:

  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Turning & Facing
  • Thread Chasing
  • Surface Grinding
  • Tool Grinding
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • Reaming
  • Milling
  • End Milling
  • Profiling
  • Die Sinking
  • Pantographing
  • Abrasive Cutoff
  • Power Hacksawing
  • Bandsawing
  • Light Milling & Turning Operations
  • Cutter Parts on A Vertical Bandsaw
  • Copy Router