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The most flexible spray mist coolant system
Kool Mist manufactures spray coolant machines as well as mist or flood coolant that are flexible, and easy to use.  Whether you need a mist cooling system that is portal or permanent; automatic or manual; with one or four nozzles: with one gallon or 55 gallon coolant capacity; with fixed or flexible nozzles: with nylon reinforced or metal braided hoses, or a special configuration that is reasonable to produce…our team is here to help!

Kool Mist coolant systems offer outstanding efficiency and longer tool life
Kool Mist efficiently eliminates destructive heat as fast as it is generated in the machining process. Our mist cooling system will absorb 1000 times as much heat as an equal volume of other flood coolants!  Reducing heat in the milling process can doubled or triple tool life.  With Kool Mist special Formula “77” coolant heavier cuts, coarser feds, faster speeds and better micro-finishes are possible---even on tough new alloys and exotic metals.

Kool Mist is safe for people, machines and parts

Kool Mist contains no halogens or sulfides and is totally free of dangerous or otherwise troublesome chemicals.  It is harmless to operators and ends problems of mist fog fumes.  Kool Mist will not cause corrosion, buildup, dermatitis, rancidity or objectionable odors.  Properly diluted with water Kool Mist does not create rust or stains on machined parts. As a result, it sharply reduces parts spoilages, eliminates employee health claims, and precludes problems with health and environmental agencies such as OSHA, NASA, AEC, and the EPA.

Kool Mist universal coolant system improves material machinability

Kool Mist coolant works well on ferrous metals, brass, bronze, aluminum and many plastics. If you don’t own a Kool Mist system, use our unique Formula “77” or Formula “78”, coolants to get the same outstanding cooling action that keeps tools sharp and lubricated. It will not attack or react with hoses, tanks or valves.  Solids do not precipitate from the solution so there is no sludge or clogging of small passages and nozzles.

Biodegradable and only cost  $.03 per operating hour
Both Kool Mist coolant formulas are biodegradable, greatly reducing storage and disposal concerns.  Spent coolant requires no special treatment and will have no adverse environmental effect. Kool Mist comes in concentrated form, and may be diluted with water in solutions up to 32:1. One gallon therefore makes 33 gallons of mix.

I am drilling and tapping medium grade steel what types of coolant do I use?

Formula #77 the improved formula is highly recommended for mist cooling any metal or alloy where tougher machining conditions require greater lubricity.

Do you sell nozzles separately?
Yes we carry 8SN, 10SN, 4SN nozzles.  Please see parts & Accessories on the website for more details. See parts.

Can we buy direct?
Yes, call factory or print out sales order form and send in. 562-246-0949 to place a direct order.  We also take All major credit cards .

I need Price and Availability:
Please call California factory (562-246-0949) for pricing.

What is the proper mixing?
Standard mixture is 1 oz of coolant to 32 oz of water. Stay away from tap or well water. Each machining application maybe different not to exceed 6oz of coolant per gallon of water. Always use purified water as your first option.

Can I buy parts?
Please call factory with your model number or see parts & accessories page. 

Why does my unit clog up?

Do not leave your ball check submerged in fluid overnight.

Can I repair my unit myself?

Best way is to call factory with your problem. All units can be repaired with a minimal charge.

What is the manufacture date?
Each bottle or pail has a date stamped. This stamp is the manufacture date the coolant was poured.

I need a NAFTA certificate?

Please call the factory for a NAFTA to be completed. Must be a distributor of our product to receive this information.

What is the warranty on the units?

Each unit has a warranty of 1 year from the purchase date. A blue warranty card must have been filled out in order for the unit to be under warranty.

What is lead time on longer lines than standard lines?

Two days minimum unless stock item.

General Service Questions:

Why is Kool Mist the best tool coolant system?

Kool Mist coolant can absorb 1000 times more heat than an equal volume of flood coolant

Why should I remove heat faster when machining part
Less heat will extend the life of your tools

Will Kool Mist allow me to make heavier cuts, courser feeds, get faster speed and better micro finishes


What is Kool Mist Commitment to Quality?
It is right or we do it over

Do you warranty your work?   

We guarantee it will meet our customers expectations

What is the difference between #77 & #78 formula?

#77 formula is for regular to heavier flood type applications #78 is for light to regular misting applications #77 has more lubricity in it #78 has less.

Common Order Processing Questions:

What information do you need to process an order?

P.O, a financial agreement or deposit depending on nature of job•   

How do you process blanket orders?
Blanket P.O. with release dates or signed letter of intent

What is your return policy?
We have a -35% restocking fee on all returned items un-used . Custom parts are nonrefundable unless defective. 

Administrative Questions:

What is your typical quote response turnaround time?
Quote turnaround, if order is placed with factory pacific time 1:00 p.m. will leave same day. Otherwise 1-3 days.

What are your payment terms?
COD, Net 10, Net 30 depending on the situation

What information is needed to set up a credit account?
Standard credit form issued by Kool Mist

What is the minimum quantity?
One Unit or Bottle of Coolant

Did You Know That?

Kool Mist is ideal for:

  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Turning & Facing
  • Thread Chasing
  • Surface Grinding
  • Tool Grinding
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • Reaming
  • Milling
  • End Milling
  • Profiling
  • Die Sinking
  • Pantographing
  • Abrasive Cutoff
  • Power Hacksawing
  • Bandsawing
  • Light Milling & Turning Operations
  • Cutter Parts on A Vertical Bandsaw
  • Copy Router