General purpose models will handle most machine shop work such as drilling, tapping, pantographing, cutoff saws, band saws, surface grinders, etc. See Large capacity models for heavy milling and profiling, single point threading and turning, Blanchard grinding, large tool and cutter grinding, and large cutoff saws.
Air supply required.

Easy to use control

Output from each nozzle is regulated by a single knob on the control. Mist spray may be turned on or off instantly to coordinate with the cutting cycle, and the spray mix made lean or
or rich as needed.

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See Model Numbers Available


Number Description Size or type
10B Orange Anodize Valve block 3/4 x 1 1/4 x 1 1/2
10VS Valve Stem 10/32 Threads
10 BF Block Fitting 7/16 x 20 Thread
10p-6 6" brass nozzle end 5/16 x .065 Threads
10SN Screw Nozzle 5/16 x 32 Threads
MCL-4 4' Nylon coolant line 13/32 x 3/16
MBL-4 4' Metal coolant line 13/32 x 3/16
MCLF12 4' Nylon w/12" flex and mag base assembly  
MCLF18 4' Nylon w/18" flex and mag base assembly  
MBLF12 4' Metal w/12" flex and mag base assembly  
MBLF18 4' Metal w/18" flex and mag base assembly  
10CS Coolant Seal Black rubber seal cone shape
T-1 One gallon SS tank w/lid width 3 1/2 length 8 1/4 height 7 3/4 (")
T-3 Three gallon SS tank w/lid width 6 length 11 1/4 height 8 5/8 (")
10SL-6 6" siphon PVC line 3/16 x 5/16 clear
81K-SB siphon bushing 3/16 square commercial brass rod.
10VO Valve stem "O" ring only 70 Nitrile
KM-MP-1 Mounting Plate L 2 1/2" / 1 5/8 x 5/64 aluminum (#2024)
10SO Screw nozzle "O" ring only 70 Nitrile
10BC Ball check Plastic w/3/16 s.s. ball in it. (Screen)
innerlining 1/16 polyethylene innerlining .059 x .089 innerlining 1/16

Completely Portable

The controls for all of these systems are factory mounted to the tanktop instead of to the machine, so that the entire system can be relocated at will. Multi nozzle systems have a separate control for each coolant line. The controls are manifolded so that only one air hose is required. Each unit comes fully assembled ready for hook-up to your shop air supply.


Stock No Picture Description Length Price
T1 One Gallon Stainless Steel Tank   $77.00
T3 Three Gallon Stainless Steel Tank   $112.00
MCL-4 4 ft coolant line Assembly   $33.00
10CS Coolant Line Rubber Seal   $1.00
10SN Screw nozzle including "O" ring   $13.00
10SO Screw nozzle "O" ring only   $1.00
10VS Valve Stem including "O" ring   $14.00
10VO Valve Stem "O" ring only   $1.00
10SL-6 6 inch Syphoning Line Assembly   $15.00
10BC Syphoning line ball check only   $13.00
10B   Valve block- orange 1/2 x 1 x 1 1/2   $51.00

Did You Know That?

Kool Mist is ideal for:

  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Turning & Facing
  • Thread Chasing
  • Surface Grinding
  • Tool Grinding
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • Reaming
  • Milling
  • End Milling
  • Profiling
  • Die Sinking
  • Pantographing
  • Abrasive Cutoff
  • Power Hacksawing
  • Bandsawing
  • Light Milling & Turning Operations
  • Cutter Parts on A Vertical Bandsaw
  • Copy Router